Bosnian Law Students Talk To Judges About Ethics and Integrity


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnian Law Students Talk To Judges About Ethics and Integrity

Open Court Days have long been recognized as an especially useful tool to demistify judicial institutions and the important work they do, bring the public closer to the inner workings of the third branch of government and processes put in place to guarantee fair and speedy resolution of disputes and efficient prosecution of crime. They are also a learning opportunity which the law students from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, have eagerly used to gain immediate insight into what awaits them should they opt for a legal career in the judiciary.

With support of our Judiciary Against Corruption Activity (JACA) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), three judicial institutions in Tuzla - the municipal and cantonal courts, and the Public Prosecutor's Office - opened their doors, as well as dedicated their time to host law faculty students from their city and discuss such important issues as judicial ethics, integrity, and preventing conflict of interest.

„We do not yet have ethics on our curriculum at the Law Faculty in Tuzla, nor in other law faculties in BiH. I honestly hope this will change in the future, because in order to have a fully functioning legal system, it is vital that the whole of the judiciary, and judges and prosecutors in particular, adhere to the principles of integrity, independence, impartiality, and accountability,“ said Katarina Nišandžić, assistant professor at the Tuzla Law Faculty.

Judges and prosecutors led law students on a tour of their facilities, and discussed the practical implications of ethical behaviour of those holding judicial office, as well as ways to prevent conflict of interest and maintain integrity. Allowing law students to learn about these essential principles will support them should they opt for a career in the judiciary, and timely orient them towards building an independent, impartial and efficient system, in turn improving the public perception and trust in the work of the judicial institutions. 

"Questions pertaining to ethins, integrity, and prevention of the conflict of interest in the judiciary are of utmost importance for us, future young legal professionals. I am very happy and grateful that judicial institutoions in Tuzla opened their doors for us, students, today. This event was truly awesome!", said Leila Tagić, student of the Tuzla Law Faculty.

JACA supported the event in coordination with the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council with BiH, and in line with USAID BiH's focus on promoting ethics and integrity, especially in the judiciary, through numerous activities and projects.

RTV Tuzla brings a short feature on the event: