Feteh Launches ICT Support Initiative for Federal Courts



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Feteh Launches ICT Support Initiative for Federal Courts

Yesterday, Feteh officially launched its ICT Expansion Support for the Federal Courts. After providing digital signage systems and additional video conferencing equipment with a total worth of 2,649,992.25 ETB, for the Federal Supreme Court (FSCE), Feteh now continues support for FSCE’s vital ICT reform activities by developing, deploying, testing, piloting and rolling out a new automated Case Management Information System and Digital Records and Archive Information System for the Federal Courts. Both systems will enable the recording, processing, and generation of detailed information about each case as well as aggregate reports about all cases in the courts, while at the same time allowing for e-filing, e-litigation, and e-payments to address existing challenges in the judicial system.

Already, during the piloting stage, and within a month's time, a total of 484 cases were processed through videoconferencing centers, set up with Feteh support, throughout the country. This saved an estimated 1.8 million ETB in travel costs and additional expenses.

Originally a two-year initiative, Feteh was extended for three years to give technical assistance to the Office of the Attorney General, the parliament, the Institution of the Ombudsman, Office of Public Defender, the Human Rights Commission and civil society organizations among others.

Feteh is committed to the continued support of these ICT reform efforts over the next few years. His Excellency Vice President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia Solomon Areda said, "Thank you to USAID, Feteh, and the American people for your dedication and commitment."

Watch the video from the launch event presenting what is the first step in many of ICT reform support initiatives for the federal courts that will continue for the next three years of the USAID-funded Feteh activity: