Feteh Supports Safe Reopening of Ethiopia’s Federal Courts



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Feteh Supports Safe Reopening of Ethiopia’s Federal Courts

To support the safe reopening of the Federal Courts to the public, as well as the safe operations of the Attorney General’s Office (AGO), USAID’s Feteh (Justice) Activity in Ethiopia provided COVID-19 personal protective equipment which was equally distributed between the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia and AGO.

Equipment included 10,750 protective face masks, 2,000 latex gloves, 1,000 bottles of hand sanitizer, 250 liters of Isopropyl/ethanol alcohol, and 6 no-contact infrared thermometers to be used and distributed accordingly to the judges, prosecutors, and other public servants working across the country on the front lines.

In order to continue Ethiopia’s progress towards aligning the legal and judicial systems with international human rights standards and aspirations of the Ethiopian people, the federal courts and government offices need to remain open and operational. Both Ato Solomon Areda, Vice President of the Federal Supreme Court of Ethiopia, and Tilahun Worku, State Minister representing the AGO, thanked Feteh for the donation and the continued technical support from Feteh in the justice reform process.