Helping Victims of Human Trafficking in Moldova



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Helping Victims of Human Trafficking in Moldova

Approximately 1300 victims of human trafficking were officially identified in the last 5 years. The research shows that the real number could be 20 times higher, and children account for 30% of trafficked people. Specialists note that there are cases when children of former victims end up being trafficked because the authorities do not offer them long-term rehabilitation and the victims are practically left to their own devices to find solutions. It is a vicious circle that can be broken only with well-targeted actions, which are currently missing.

In this month’s episode of the Cu DREPTuL podcast, our team interviewed three professionals helping human trafficking victims cope with reality: Elena Botezatu, Executive Director of International Center ‘La Strada Moldova’, Rodica Moraru-Chilimar, Director of Center for Assistance and Protection of Victims and Potential Victims of Human Trafficking and Sergiu Russu, Chief Prosecutor, Human Trafficking Prosecution Unit, General Prosecutor’s Office.

More details of the interview in English can be found here.

As part of the National Campaign for Healthy Justice, the Access to Justice Project in Moldova supports Cu DREPTuL, a podcast on access to justice and human rights, which aims to be not only an informative but also an educational tool, useful to all interested in these topics in the Moldovan context. The podcast brings relevant speakers on a variety of issues including, legal support for the marginalized, children’s rights, domestic violence, human trafficking, state-supported legal aid, role of public defenders, etc.