New LACLEARN Grants Call - Barriers to Freedom of Press


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New LACLEARN Grants Call - Barriers to Freedom of Press

Freedom of the press is fundamental to democracy, enabling informed citizenship and transparency. Recent trends in Latin America highlight persistent barriers to freedom of the press, including government-imposed barriers and digital authoritarianism, which undermine democratic processes. This grants call focuses on understanding and addressing these challenges to press freedom across the region.

The purpose of this grant is to examine the current barriers to press freedom in authoritarian and democratically backsliding states in Latin America, focusing on understanding and comparing actions and barriers across countries that curtail press freedom, including government strategies, corporate interests, and organized crime.

Call for Concept Notes: Analysis of Barriers to Freedom of the Press in LAC – Deadline: May 20, 2024

Convocatoria de Notas Conceptuales: Análisis de las barreras a la libertad de prensa en América Latina – Fecha Límite: 20 de mayo de 2024

LACLEARN invites local organizations and academic institutions to submit concept notes for a research grant focusing on the Latin American region. The deadline for concept notes is Monday, May 20, 2024.