New LACLEARN Grants Call – Support for an Independent Media Archive - DEADLINE: March 4, 2024


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New LACLEARN Grants Call – Support for an Independent Media Archive - DEADLINE: March 4, 2024

LACLEARN invites US-based academic institutions to submit concept notes to identify, classify, and organize the work of independent media outlets throughout Latin America.

This grant aims to facilitate access for journalists, researchers, and the public, enabling big data analysis to uncover patterns of corruption, impunity, and anti-democratic actions.

Grant proposals should cover the following elements:

Capacity Building and Technical Assistance: Develop baseline for archival and preservation of independent media organizations across Latin America. This includes the provision of legal (intellectual property rights) and technical advisory to ensure integrity, preserve intellectual property rights and establish an appealing model for independent media outlets.

Advanced Search and Analysis Tools: Implement advanced search and big data analysis tools within the digital platform. Proposals should describe data security, user accessibility, interoperability with other digital libraries or archives and other technological considerations. Applicants should note that LACLEARN may supplement technical expertise, such as Archival and Database Specialists, to support this objective.

Regional Archiving Expansion: Broaden the archival reach to include more independent media organizations in LAC, with a special focus on Central America, ensuring a thorough preservation of journalistic content. LACLEARN is considering ways to amplify regional experiences and techniques that contribute to enhanced investigative journalism. 

Collaboration with Freedom of Expression Networks: Maintain active collaboration with regional and international networks supporting freedom of expression.

The deadline for concept notes is Monday, March 4, 2024.

Full grant call and instructions can be found below:

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