Training on the New Administrative Procedure Law



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Training on the New Administrative Procedure Law

Feteh organized a comprehensive training program on the new Administrative Procedure Law for Ministers, heads of administrative agencies, senior government officials, experts of administrative agencies, and Attorney General Office (AGO) attorneys and personnel.

The first five-day training round took place between October 19 and24, 2020, with 50 participants per round.

Addressing participants of Feteh's training for Ministers, heads of government institutions, mid-level officials and experts of government institutions, Dr. Gedion Timothewos, Ethiopia's Federal Attorney General said, "Using the knowledge you will gain in this training on the new Administrative Procedure Proclamation, it is urgent that everyone implements its contents and carries out their respective obligations. Carefully note what is being taught here. I have no doubt that all participants are receiving productive and engaging training on the proclamation as the trainers were directly involved in its drafting."