Judicial Performance Dashboard - An Important Milestone for Kosovo Courts

The judiciary’s new Performance Dashboard is a major step forward for Kosovo in judicial transparency and accountability. Citizens of Kosovo, and other stakeholders, are now able to get insight into courts’ and judges’ performance in accordance with four key indicators.



Court Fee and Service of Process Automation for Efficient Case Processing

Seeking ways to help Serbian courts with their everyday administrative tasks such as court fee calculation and processing, and service of process, our USAID Rule of Law Project worked on identifying ICT solutions for streamlining the business process in courts.



COVID-19 Related Legal Issues Discussed on TV and Radio in Ethiopia

Access to accurate information is critical in curbing misinformation about COVID-19, helping people understand their individual rights and liberties, and ultimately helping keep themselves safe and prevent the spread of the virus.



New, Modern Online Home for the Kosovo Judicial Council

With USAID support, through the Judicial Systems Strengthening Program, the Kosovo Judicial Council has a new, improved and upgraded website as of mid-April, with a more user-friendly interface, better structured information, and press releases for the media and the public.



BiH Public Prosecutors Remain Committed to Public Service Amid Crisis

The USAID Judiciary Against Corruption Activity maintained its close partnership with judicial institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina amid the COVID-19 pandemic, extending intensive technical assistance for handling high-profile anti-corruption and organized crime cases. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Support for CSO Sector Growth in Ethiopia

In March 2019, the Government of Ethiopia enacted the Civil Society Organization Proclamation, which has fundamentally changed the establishment, type, and operation of CSOs in Ethiopia, lifting the heavy restrictions on activities promoting human rights and democracy. 



Feteh TV Show Premiers in Ethiopia

On March 28, 2020, Feteh Activity in Ethiopia aired what is the first in a series of TV shows designed to raise awareness on the ongoing intensive justice sector reforms in the country. The show is produced by Feteh subcontractors, ARTS TV.



Innovative and Individualized Approach to Training of Prosecutors in Bosnia and Herzegovina

USAID Judiciary Against Corruption Activity organized a two-day workshop on March 10-11, 2020 and presented the innovative concept of capacity building for prosecutors from seven of the largest prosecutor’s offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina


Human Rights Training for Prosecutors and Prison Officials in Ethiopia

Recent legislative reforms related to the promotion and protection of human rights generated a need for delivering training to officials in order to familiarize them with the changes, as well as present what specific role they have in the protection and promotion of human rights.



Feteh Helps Empower Ethiopia’s Women

Thanks to the government of Ethiopia’s focus on female representation in top government offices, the chance for women’s voices to be heard and respected has never looked more promising. Feteh is strongly committed to this nationwide change.



Electronic Notice Board for Enforcement Procedure Goes Live in Serbia

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, our USAID Rule of Law Project developed a software application for the electronic notice board for the enforcement procedure, which has become operational as of January 1, 2020. 



Amended Legal Framework for Fairer and More Efficient Enforcement in Serbia

Through intensive technical assistance extended by the USAID Rule of Law Project, the legislative framework governing the system of enforcement in Serbia has been reshaped to allow for a fairer and more efficient enforcement procedure. 



Integrated Case Management System Now Operating in All Moldovan Courts

USAID Open Justice Project marked the end of 2019 by reaching an important milestone in project implementation: the new Integrated Case Management System (ICMS, or PIGD according to the Moldovan acronym) is rolled-out and operational in all Moldovan courts. 



Building Capacities of Judicial Assistants in Serbia to Better Support Judges

Judicial assistants – to the uninitiated, it is more than 1500 highly educated lawyers in Serbian courts, providing help to judges by drafting decisions, while also often handling certain types of cases themselves, for example probate cases.



Judiciary Against Corruption Activity in Bosnia and Herzegovina Kick-Off Event Held

The kick-off event for the new USAID Judiciary Against Corruption Activity (JACA) was held today, at the session of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council in Sarajevo. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina


DPI Partner Court Featured in USAID Stories

Our USAID Justice Systems Strengthening Program has been partnering with Kosovo judicial institutions for the past four years and helping them develop in the direction of a modern, efficient, and transparent judiciary, easily accessible to all citizens of Kosovo.



Better Websites for Enhanced Judicial Transparency

The USAID Open Justice Project in Moldova completed the process of upgrading internet presentations of 19 Moldovan courts, complementing work on the webpages of the National Court’s Portal, the Agency for Court Administration, and the Superior Council of Magistracy.



USAID Visit to Comrat District Court

Ms. Cristina Olive, USAID Public Affairs officer and Mr. Scott Hocklander, USAID Moldova Mission Director, visited the Comrat District Court today to discuss the use of the new Integrated Case Management System (ICMS). 



USAID Open Justice Project Helps Digitize Millions of Pages of Court Records

With the help of the USAID Open Justice project in Moldova, the 740,824 decisions from the Chisinau District Court’s 1973–2009 paper archive, amounting to over 2,278 million pages, were digitized.



USAID Assistant Administrator Brock Bierman Discusses Enforcement with Stakeholders in Serbia

USAID Assistant Administrator for Europe and Eurasia, Brock Bierman, visited the Western Balkan region this month. During the several days he spent in Serbia, Mr. Biermann spoke at the roundtable on enforcement organized by the USAID Rule of Law Project.